Evri Toolbar IE

Evri Toolbar IE

Bring the semantic web to Internet Explorer


  • Gives great results
  • Finds search terms in pages and adds content


  • Some terms give no results at the moment

Very good

The Evri Toolbar is an addon for your browser that gives you instant searches using Evri.com, a beta search engine that offers very different kinds of results than Google.

It works in two ways. Enter a term and hit return, then you'll be taken to the Evri search page. Here, you'll find direct connections, and graphs of broader connections to the term you entered. There are lots of filters on the page, so you can find the right kind of information you're looking for. There are also integrated video results and images, both that open on the results page.

Currently, it's better at finding information about people, groups, or product names. Enter a term like "console", and at the time of writing you'll have no result, but type Xbox, and you'll have a full results page. This is probably due to it being in beta. Nevertheless, the search is pretty cool.

The toolbar itself is discreet, but adds another band to the top of your browser. It would be improved if it could be placed elsewhere and not lessen browser window space. Click the yellow button next to the search bar, and Evri Toolbar will highlight any instances of your search term, as well as any connected terms. Floating the cursor over these highlights will open a mini Evri search, which is very slick, and full of useful information and links.

For a beta product, Evri Toolbar is already looking like a formidable search and research application.

Evri Toolbar IE


Evri Toolbar IE

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